There are 21 identifiable question types that may appear in the 11 plus selection test.
There are two eleven plus papers now in September for children now in year 5, year 6 in September.

Each paper contains numerous questions and covers 12 different question types. Each paper therefore has a different mixture of question types. Each type of question could be covered at least once over the two papers, some may appear twice. Papers will vary from school to school, but don’t worry we will prepare children comprehensively for all the relevant formats and CEM.

Children answer the questions using a multiple choice answer sheet. They need to mark one or two answers from a choice of five or six options, depending on the question type.

The answer sheets bear a resemblance to lottery number forms and are completed by striking through the appropriate answer box with a pencil.

Children get the chance to experience all these types of questions in our mock exam papers provided by Tudor House. This consists of two papers covering all the types of questions that might appear on the real test. There are several mock exams left please visit our mock examinations page for more details.

Children have 45 minutes to complete each test. Each mock exam is followed with a detailed report.