• Remember to pack your glasses if you wear any and your inhaler if you use one.
  • Wear proper clothes to your exam, for example; school uniform.
  • Check if pencils and erasers are already provided.
  • Pay attention to the rules i.e. no talking during an exam. If a teacher suspects anybody of cheating, everybody’s exam paper will be disqualified!
  • Remember that these tests are only for finding the right school for you not about being a failure, aged 11!
  • Let the school know if anything is preventing you to get to the test on time.


  • Take a calculator for your Math test.
  • Take the exam if you are ill or if something urgent has come up. Let the school know and they will usually make allowances for the test to be taken later.
  • Arrive late – you probably won’t be allowed to sit the test.
  • Feel pressured as that will stop you making the most of your potential.
  • Worry if you have special needs as teachers there will be able to make sure you’re not uncomfortable.
  • Encourage your parent to come in through the school gates with you! You’ll settle down much more quickly if you leave them in the car.